SEO Hero - Wix SEO Hero Challenge Ranking, Rules, History, Analysis

Wix have put up an open competition and have challenged people to defeat them in SEO. They have targeted the keyphrase "SEO HERO". As we are voracious readers, we have practiced a lot on Search engine optimization (SEO). So, we think Seo Hero Challenge is the golden opportunity to prove ourselves in this field to discover our knowledge on this subject.

Leading SEO Hero Vs Wix

What you will find in this SEO HERO Page

What does SEO mean?
What is Hero?
We as SEO Hero?
What inspired us to participate in SEO Hero?
Wix SEO Hero Challenge Rules
How to become SEO Hero?
Why WIX changed their SEOHero Domain From SEOHeroSchool To GiftedSEOHero

What does SEO mean?

“As an SEO what exactly You perform?”. This is the most frequent question the people ask from us. We give just plain and simple answer that we support companies to get business from the search engine. This leads to next question” How do you do that?”. Then we explain that SEO is mainly concerned with three activities : creating fresh content, building quality links, and evaluating results and adjusting accordingly.

What is Hero?

According to us it is not the power but the maturity and wisdom to use that power make an ordinary man Hero. He is the champion of particular sorts.

We as SEO Hero?

As SEO Hero, our job is not only limited to make small businesses successful but also enhance our services globally to nurture every business possible. Some people compare our life with the superman. But there is some difference at the ground level.

They face one villain at one time. Our SEO industry is overloaded with numerous black-hat villains so you can think how much effort we have to put. As an SEO Hero, we compete their infestations by producing best results to honest and good businesses. Being SEO Hero is our duty to save your business by enhancing sales. In order to do this, we secure your web page and fly up with the search results.

Every client which we have taken has enhanced sales, attained top ranking and has become successful in prospering their businesses. If you are looking for how your website will generate more sales then hurry up, call us, the SEO Hero, and explore your unlimited possibilities.

What inspired us to participate in SEO Hero?

We have devoted our life for competing the performers in search engine optimization. We have learned the principles they share to achieve top ranking after a long experience by watching Google and other evolved search engines.

We have carefully noticed the search engines passing through the multiple phases of determining factors as they keep on updating their algorithms. Our broad, unparalleled and over decade competencies in search engine optimization compelled us to participate in SEO hero. Being in digital Marketing Field, We have planned to dedicate our rest of life saving the small business and fighting with black hat villains.

If you are looking forward to save and prosper your business, come in touch with us. We will together compete your competition and help you to grow your business.

Wix SEO Hero Challenge Rules

Wix SEO Hero Challenge Rules

Some rules have been framed regarding SEO hero challenge which should be followed are mentioned below:

  • That site will be the champion which will be on the top in ranking for the key phrase “SEO Hero” within the period of 4 month till March 16,2017 up to 12:00 pm ET.
  • The last date which has been determined to participate in this outstanding competition is  16 December 2016.
  • To participate in SEO hero challenge you have to submit newly purchased domain or that should be made after 16 December 2016.
  • You are not allowed to repurchase or use the outdated one. It should be kept in mind that the domain you are submitting should not contain domain history before its recent purchase date.
  • You have to obey Google’s guidelines which has been framed for SEO. This is one of the rules which should be followed strictly while competing in SEO Hero challenge for the highest ranking for your website.
  • It is mandatory that each participant must possess an account with Google analytic and Google Search console up to 16th February 2017. In addition to it you have to link it with your seo hero site and keep as an admin.
    seo hero challenge rules

How to become SEO Hero?

In order to become excellent performer on the web you should focus on the following points:

 1. Be specific about your keyword/key phrase :- Selection of appropriate keyword/phrase is the most decisive factor to get productive result. You should focus on highly specific and less competitive keywords. Google Adwards will help you a lot in keyword research. After selecting appropriate keyword you should keep in mind that your site should be keyword-rich along with good keyword density for your targeted and specific keyword.

Keyword is significant not only in quantity but also in quality. Placing the keywords in the page title, first paragraph and heading section enhances the weight-age and quality to your content and make you an SEO Hero.

2. Optimize the meta tag, alt tag and anchor tag :- Meta tag contains the summary of the page which crawlers search for. Meta keywords and description tags are very important as they have direct connection with targeted keywords. In case your page contains some figures, you should insert related keywords in the alt tag as the crawlers are unable to read images.

To be an SEO Hero You should place your keywords in the anchor text as this brings traffic not only from the site in general but particularly for your targeted keywords.

3. Put down the fresh and unique content :- Content is king for SEO. To become SEO Hero you should put the quality and fresh content. Your content should provide solution and assurance to the end users.  In your content you should focus on what the end users are looking for and decipher about their situations and needs.

4. Use business listing :- To become SEO hero for your own business you promote it to the Google’s business listings. Setting up on business listing will make your site available on the map. This will help a lot to generate the traffic.

5.Socialize with the world :- Last but not the least; you should share your content with the world to become SEO Hero. After creating quality content you share it on social media like face book, linked-in, google+ and many other similar sites. In addition you can share it in forums, on blog, with friends and family.

Social Media


Just like any other technological advancement, SEO and its related niches have witnessed a plethora of competitions among the top players. The competitions were in both the formats: to gain the territory which is always ongoing and a literal competition just like Wix SEO Hero Competition which were announced by a particular firm with a hefty amount as prize money and along with the title of “THE SEO HERO”.

The very start of new millennium saw the power of the Internet which changed and revolutionized the aspect of every single life. And how would the business magnets stay away from this tide? The impact of Internet gave rise to a number of companies specializing in one field or another and out of them one niche was “SEO”.

seo competition history

Now we, at Leading SEO Hero, did a bit of research and dug here and there to find out the Father of SEO Competitions. So here is what we found:

YEAR 2002: Schnitzelmitkartoffelsalat

According to the various resources, the first ever SEO competition held in the world was Schnitzelmitkartoffelsalat, which was started on 15 November, 2002. It was first mentioned by Steffi Abel and was drafted by a newsgroup: de.comm.infosystems.www.authoring.misc. The main aim of this competition was to scrutinize the manner Google reads various HTML versions.

YEAR 2004: Nigritude Ultramarine

The competition held in the year 2004 with the name Nigrtitude Ultramarine, is honored as the mother of all SEO competitions. It was the first SEO competition in English language. Hosted by SearchGuild and drafted by, it was started on 7th of May, 2004. The competition was won by Anil Dash on 7th of July, 2004, exactly two months after the date of commencement of the competition.

YEAR 2004: Seraphim Proudleduck

After the limelight Nigritude Ultramarine enjoyed, another competition namely “Seraphim Proudleduck” was launched in the same year. The anchor was Salmonbones and as seen in the UK with its safe-search off was the deciding judge. The first prize was £ 1000 which was won by a man named Phillip Lenssen.

YEAR 2005: Loquine Glupe

In the year 2005, another SEO competition was launched by webmaster- The winner had to top the Google ranking as per the given conditions by 1st March. The award of this competition was a link from PR6 website and free hosting. For a change, this competition also awarded runner ups as well!

YEAR 2005: Hommingberger Gepardenforelle

Year 2005 saw not only one or two, but many top standard SEO competitions, and one of them was Hommingberger Gepardenforelle. This contest was launched on 15th May and kept running till 15th December, 2005. Computer Magazine was the brain behind this competition and the main aim was to decipher the strategy employed by search engines to establish rankings.

YEAR 2005: Msnbetter Thangoogle

The last SEO competition was Polish and ended on 1st October 2005. It was exclusively for Poland and the main intention was to indorse SEO and its strategies in Poland. There were small prizes associated with the competition like an MP3 player, SEO book, and a Cup.

YEAR 2006: “The Four Required Words”

The first SEO competition of year 2006 was “The Four Required Words”. It was funded by It is known as the first competition that targeted image search as well and used expressions in quotes.

Another special feature of this competition was that though it involved image search but at that time, no images were shown. $100 was the prize money for Google; they kept $20 for MSN, Yahoo, A9, Google Images and Ask Images.

YEAR 2006: Redscowl Bluesingsky

In the year 2006, SEOLogs also jumped into SEO competition by starting Redscowl Bluesingsky. Winner of this contest was Shoemoney but as he himself had put up money in the contest, he gave up the money for the runner-up.

YEAR 2006: v7ndotcom elursrebmem

v7ndotcom elursrebmem was one of the biggest competitions in the history of SEO. This competition was presented by John Scott with the forum and was announced on 20th December 2005. The prize money associated with this competition was over $9000, out of which the first prize was of $7000. The main keywords associated with this competition were v7ndotcom (primary) and elursrebmem (secondary).

The competition ended on 1st of May, 2006 with Scott Jones as the winner who donated 50 per cent of the prize money to a charity. This competition, though, was linked with many controversies but was able to attract the attention from oversold WSJ.

YEAR 2006: carcrasherdotcom-seocontest

Not a big one, but still the SEO contest sponsored by Car Crasher was able to manage its name in the history SEO competitions. This competition ran for quite a good period, i.e. from 1st March- 1st December, 2006. Initially, the prizes offered were of $500, $200 and $100 along with many other small prizes including a Plasma TV, iPod and Sony PSP. But all of a sudden, the prizes were raised up to a whopping $3000, $2000 and $1000.

YEAR 2007: SEO World Championship

The first SEO competition of year 2007 was sponsored by an internet marketing company of European origin, Eastpoint. Launched on 15th January 2007, this competition ran up till 1st May with “globalwarming awareness2007” as its keyword. Benj Arriola won this competition, title as well. Other prizes included a Citreaon C2, a Caribbean cruise, a plasma TV, $500 and $100.

YEAR 2008: SEO Contest

The year 2008 witnessed a number of SEO competitions and out of all of them, the first one was funded by the UK Webmaster World Community. With the main keyword as seocontest2008, it was started on 1st February and lasted till 1st April, 2008. For the winner, the prize was of $1000 and for the runner ups, it was $100.

YEAR 2008: Busby SEO Challenge

Busby Web Solutions, an Australian society launched another SEO competition in the year 2008. The targeted keyword for this competition was “busby seo challenge” and offered the prize money of $5000 for the winner, along with $2000 and $500 for runner ups.

YEAR 2008: Busby SEO World Cup 2

In the same year, Busby launched another competition, but this time the targeted keyword was “busby seo test”. The prize money also differed this time with $5000 as the first prize, $2000 as second, $500 as third, $250 as fourth and $100 as fifth , so to engage more and more people.

YEAR 2009: Net Builders SEO Contest

During this period, the backwards was in trend. So the webmaster- Stimulus Backwards took the advantage of this trend and launched the SEO competition on 15th of March, 2009. The targeted keyword was “sulumits retsambew”, which is nothing but the backward spelling of the webmasters. Hellas won the competition along with the prize money of $1000.

YEAR 2009: OES Tsetnoc SEO Contest

Again, OES Tsetnoc is simply SEO Contest in reverse. This competition was launched by PromoJunkie and was won by a guy with the pseudo name “Handsome”. The prizes of this competition were $1000, $300 and $200.

YEAR 2016: Apex Forum SEO Contest

After a long dry spell of approximately six years, again there was an SEO competition in front of SEO wizards. It began on 25th of March and lasted till 22nd June. The targeted keyword in this competition was “Club Penguin Walkthrough”. Scott Paxton turned out to be the SEO Hero in this competition. The total prizes were worth $8,684.04. The first prize was $1000 in cash with rest amount for runner ups.

YEAR 2016: Wix SEO Hero Competition

Finally, Wix presented its own SEO competition and the most appealing feature of this contest was, of course, its prize money. A whopping sum of $50,000! SEO enthusiasts from all over the world are trying their level best to win this competition.

Why WIX changed their SEOHero Domain From SEOHeroSchool To GiftedSEOHero?

Well, though Leading SEO Hero has discussed it a bit before but in this post we will get into nitty gritty as to what lead WIX change its SEO Hero domain from SEOHeroSchool to GiftedSEOHero. Everybody was expecting that while the move, there would be some cleanup. Though their experts fixed the no index tag but according to sources, still there are some problems with it. We advise WIX to check the problem of indexing of copied pages.

Now about the SEO Villain Page: it is still there but now the content is merged with the Home Page. Another problem which is still there is the Bootcamp page. Earlier it was known as the SEO Courses page. The problem is that it is not or should we say it was never redirected.As only WIX is the main controller of the page, so what they can do is update all the links from the main WIX website, which were directed to SEO Hero School and then from here to Gifted SEO Hero. Though frankly speaking there is no need of these links but if they want to keep them, they should be updated on regular basis.

This strategy would not only help WIX but Google would also start indexing this latest domain instead of the old one. But alas, WIX didn’t do anything like this till so far. Again, the biggest issue still remains unresolved. Though WIX has entered the competition with a new domain but it is redirected and all the problems in the previous site still persist. Apart from all these, there are other little problems as well that will be highlighted by Leading SEO Hero just for you. All you have to do is wait for the next update.

For more information on SEO Hero Competition, stay tuned with Leading SEO Hero.